Ki Yera is the new alter ego of the Ukrainian house singer and DJ Lia Gold. Hailing from Ukraine, Kristina now develops her Deeper & Techier influences. This change of attitude is nothing but a strategy. It’s a profound aspiration that lead her to be more creative and faithful to her huge cultural background. Behind the decks, Ki Yera will always surprise you, dropping tracks from a wide range of electronic genres. Her idea is simple : let it flow!

Lately, Ki Yera has achieved a series of catchy tracks, in a very unique style. COMING DOWN is this kind of simple track one gets easily addicted to. It is a powerful, fresh, modern and sexy cut of Techno, ideal to enter this new decade. Da Fresh’s remix is more subtle, with rolling kicks and spacey atmospherics that make it perfectly suited for warehouse spaces.

Signed to Family Piknik Music, the label linked to famous French festival Family Piknik, where Ki Yera will play this summer, COMING DOWN comes with a very nice video clip, in which Kristina plays the first role. Iconic and fresh, this young artist has many attributes to get in your radar.

Coming Down is out now on Family Piknik Music!



Artist: Ki Yera, Da Fresh
Title: Coming Down
Label: Family Piknik Music
Release Date: 2020-2-7




Turn it up & enjoy!