Lovecast 270 shines down on us from the legendary HOSH!

The energy of a HOSH set is that of a collapsing star: intense building pressure that explodes in a frenzy of electronic fireworks. Eclectic and rousing, his music firmly grounds your body to the present and skyrockets your mind to space. Following residencies throughout Europe and an early membership to Diynamic with Solomun and Stimming, success and experience now give him the liberty to manage his most meaningful projects. The latest page is titled fryhide, meaning freiheit – freedom. HOSH’s new label relentlessly pursues quality, travelling to the very essence of a sound, capturing transient emotions and sculpting them for dance floors.

fryhide encapsulates soulful stories told by forward thinking artists, from HOSH to his friends and to the talents they seek together. The label invokes his unique burning identity as a DJ and curator, with projects like INSTANT fryhide promising “one moment, one strong track, no remixes, no compromises and no nonsense.”

Be sure to check HOSH’s latest release with 1979, ‘Midnight (The Hanging Tree)’ Feat. Jalja out now in all major stores! >> <<







Turn it up & enjoy!