Family Piknik Music keep up the good work with a new VA sampler here that showcase once more just why it is the finest label in techno. 

The dream team of  Tom Pooks & Joy Kitikonti kick off with Journey to France, a deep, driving techno tune to take you into another dimension. Branca is another collaboration from two label mainstays with Mood Gorning & Pontias coming together to fine effect. It’s an epic ten minute cut with sweeping synths and nice delicate pads. After the more upbeat melodic loops and forearm racing drums of Consequences, Acid Drams from The Dualz offers a different vibe entirely. Its dreamy, tender thank to the vocal, and spine tingling with great melodies. Nossia & Rhodas’s Universe Things then closes out with patient, slow during grooves, epic sound design and a progressive tech vibe to make a real impact.