Our 93rd Episode of The LoveBath comes to us from 1/2 of the iconic NiCe7 duo, Nicola Daniele aka FrescoEdits. He takes us on a funky journey of grooves full of those sexy kick back jams, sheer LoveBath style.


Interview With FrescoEdits

1.) Can you talk a little bit about your latest, 3rd vinyl release on FrescoEdits?  Some really awesome cuts on here! 

Thanks, glad you appreciated it!
The third record of the FrescoEdits’ saga contains 4 tracks, the same as the first 2 volumes.  All FrescoEdits’ releases will be with 4 tracks, we always put together stuff  from records with different genres and mood.
In this one you can find:
A1 side is a pumpin’ remake of a very unknown italo-disco tune from 1984.
B1 is a proper cut from an afro-disco track that i love.
A2 is a disco-remix of “love is in the air”.
B2 is a hypnotic and  loopy mix with a sample from an italian supercool song from the maestro Franco Battiato.

When did you first start FrescoEdits, and what was the motivation behind launching your own imprint? 

Frescoedits for me is a joke, I decided to make some re-edits just for fun, because I really enjoy doin’ them. I’ve been a big fan of “the art of sampling” for my whole life, I spent years studying how the biggest hits of nineties came from ’70 samples. This is a project I make at home, without go to the NiCe7’s pro studio, just using a few instruments and lot of samples,of course 🙂  When the idea is ready, I just make a good mix in the studio, to let them sound properly. In the last year I made 20 edits and started to play them out on private events with my close friends…many djs all around started to ask me to send them out so I decided to make this white label “only for djs”.  We press just 150 copies, I wanted to keep it as much as I could the same of the old “white labels” I used to buy in late ’90s and 2000. Nothing about money, just something about feelin’ the dj-community as we made in the past.


3.) As half of NiCe7, you’re certainly no stranger to the house scene with massive releases out pretty much everywhere.  In what ways would you say this project is similar and also different from your past work?

This project is similar to my NiCe7 project because there’s the same passion about what I do, but it’s different because I don’t care about the market, and this is just a project that make me feel free without any restriction.
With Frescoedits I just do what I want, I make music and I release it.
No marketing strategies, no stress, pure pleasure.


4.) What have you been doing to keep busy during the quarantine time? 

I’ve been training my body and watching series as never before in my life for the whole quarantine, and I made a lot of music of course. We’ve been in lockdown from almost 3 months here in Milano, and I had different feelings step by step. At the beginning  I had a very positive and creative phase, putting down ideas for new tracks as road roller 🙂 Week by week, I started to understand that our lifes would be different for a while, we would’t be able to make all the normal things and this feeling wouldn’t be very helpful for the creativity.

5.) Any other cool releases dropping soon or plans for The Fresco that we should know about?

Fresco-04 is on his way, it should be released in july/august.
We’re also choosing the tracklist for Fresco-05 that should be released hopefully  in october.





Turn it up & enjoy!