The next release on London-based underground imprint Noexcuse Records comes by way of spirited Serbian talent, Andrew Meller. Boasting an extensive release catalogue featuring many of the most respected labels in electronic music, Andrew now adds us to that exclusive collective. Featuring two freshly-squeezed dancefloor cuts, accompanied by a remix from UK hot prospect Riaz Dhanani, ‘In My House’ is an exhibition of Meller’s melodic prowess – making him a definitively standout asset in today’s modern Tech House world.

Rousing the release into fruition, ‘In My House’ sets things off with emphatic gusto. Kicked into gear from the outset, rambunctious hat grooves meet the ripple of intricately layered hand drums. Expanding beyond that, the tracks progressively captivating soft synth layers give emotional meaning to the beat – in the form of pads, keys and strings. A statement track to set the mood from Andrew, signalling more unparalleled work to come.

Continuing the canorous flavour, the aptly-named ‘Take A Ride’ sends you on a journey. A stripped back and minimalist 4/4 beat structure, bolstered by hollow sub-bass, provides a perfectly modest platform for Meller to do what he does best. A slightly divine and ethereal tinge rings throughout the many incremental layers of tonal harmony which simmers to a climatic boil, before turning down the heat and slowly gliding back out of focus again – leaving you with just an elementary beat and bass combo to find yourself lost in for the cool-down.

Closing out the release, Riaz Dhanani injects some blistering UK Tech flavour into an already outstanding record. Highlighting his innate ability to take a track and make it his own, displaying mastery in the art of remixing, Riaz throws in an XL-sized dollop of high-energy rhythm and creativity to end proceedings impressively.

Andrew Meller’s ‘In My House’ EP (incl. Riaz Dhanani Remix) is out on June 12th, via Noexcuse Records.




Artist: Andrew Meller
Title: In My House
Label: Noexcuse Records
Release Date: 2020-06-12




– jbravo
Juany Bravo

Managing Editor