Juan Hoerni teams up with Terry Dexter to deliver the infectious release “Stuck in the Middle” on Cha Cha Project Recordings. Released on Friday, July 7, 2023, this track offers a blend of disco and house elements that is sure to get people on the dancefloor.

The original mix of “Stuck in the Middle” sets the tone with its disco-accented rhythm section, stand out vocal, and addictive bass. These elements create a dynamic and groovy musical bed that perfectly complements Terry Dexter’s emotive and memorable vocal performance.

The release also features remixes by Jovonn, who adds his signature touch to the track. The Jovonn Main Mix injects a fresh energy with its infectious beats and subtle variations, while the Jovonn Instru dub focuses on the instrumental elements, highlighting the captivating rhythm section. The Jovonn Stripdown Mix offers a more stripped-back approach, emphasizing the vocal.

Juan Hoerni captures the essence of disco and house music with “Stuck in the Middle,” showcasing the power of these genres to move people on the dancefloor. Terry Dexter’s soulful vocals add an emotive depth to the track, creating a truly captivating musical experience.

In Juan Hoerni’s own words, “Disco and House music put people on the dancefloor. Terry’s Voice makes them feel it in their soul.”




Artist: Juan Hoerni ft Terry Dexter
Title: Stuck in the Middle EP
Label: Cha Cha Project Recordings
Release Date: 2023-07-07




– jbravo
Juany Bravo

Managing Editor