“Água de Coco” reinforces their Rio de Janeiro roots

Brazilian duo Nu Azeite continues to intrigue their listeners with their authentic sound signature, focused on bringing some of the musical and cultural characteristics of Brazil to Disco and House Music. Although Fabio Santanna and Bernardo Campos got together a little less than two years ago to carry out this project, both DJs and producers native to Rio de Janeiro found at the COCADA Music label an excellent space to show their many ideas to the world.

Now with a new single, “Água de Coco”, Nu Azeite resumes their optimistic and warm musical quality, also using their own vocals to translate the groove and tropical feeling that dominates their identity. This work reinforces the prolific moment that the duo has been living, a few months after the release of their debut album, “Nu Azeite”, and amidst conquering a consistent routine of live performances. Listen to “Água de Coco”:

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