The soapy sultans of sex join us in the tub for a very special Valentine’s Day episode of The LoveBath.

This 60 minute mix of love makin’ music from Soul Clap is the quintessential soundtrack for an intimate sesh with a Lover… or two.

Recent launch of the Crew Love label expels their fresh, lead single called “Love Train” produced by Soul Clap themselves, along with PillowTalk and Greg Paulus of No Regular Play. It’s the second glimpse into the 17-track premier LP entitled “CrewLove: Based on a True Story“. The album features original music from the entire Brooklyn fam and is set to be released February 26, 2016.

Pre-order “Crew Love: Based on a True Story” on DIGITAL and/or VINYL

We’ve been hot on Soul Clap’s trail for an exclusive podcast since we started MI4L in 2011 and now the timing couldn’t be more perfect. Big Love to Charlie and Eli for composing this fine mixture of slow, RnB-infused LoveBath jams to dip the tip of Cupid’s arrow this Valentine’s Day.


The Crew LoveBath Episode featuring Soul Clap

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Interview with Soul Clap

Hello, Charlie and Eli! Thank you for taking the time to join us in The LoveBath!

What is the secret to managing a DJ career, making music, and running a record label all at once?
No sleep!  No, seriously, it’s been all about developing systems. We’ve got a great team behind what we do and we’re very grateful for all the energy and hard work that gets put in.

Do you remember a specific tipping point moment in the success of Soul Clap?
There was certainly a lot of excitement around the edit we did of Jamie Foxx’s ‘Extravaganza’. During that time the song seemed like it was being dropped on dance floors everywhere. You know the success of that track wasn’t a fluke either; we’d been sitting on the a cappella since we got it on wax through the record pool back in Boston. We knew it would work, just waiting for the right moment to put it to use!

What does it feel like being in the studio or on stage with legends like George Clinton and Danny Krivit?  
Performing ‘Atomic Dogg’ on stage with George Clinton makes you feel about as cool as humanly possible. It’s so funny too, these songs are so deeply a part of our being that it’s as if it’s something we’ve always known! As for the legendary DJs like Danny Krivit or Louie Vega, getting to know these guys has been another totally different privilege and honor. They come from such a different time, no matter how famous they’ve become, no matter how much they’ve shaped music and the world we live in these two especially are some of the nicest, most humble and gentle people. They’ve really “got it,” that magic and excitement that keeps them driven.

What can we expect from the new “Crew Love: Based on a True Story” record? How do you maintain such a high standard of quality and creativity in the music you produce and release?
This latest release shines a light on the collaborative nature of our crew. The lead single “Love Train” is such an anthem, we can’t wait to see the excitement this song will spread.

As for maintaining high standards, the key is patience and to not rush into anything. Letting music develop organically has always been at the core of Gadi from Wolf + Lamb’s A&R-ing techniques. It’s just really about quality over quantity or quality over quickness.

In all your travels, what place holds the keys to your heart? 
Tokyo has got to be one of the most exciting places to visit in the world. The music and culture, the food, the people–it’s all there! We used to DJ at Club Eleven, then it closed, then there was Air and it closed; so we hear there’s something new opening that sounds exciting but nothing is confirmed yet. Shout outs to Mio and Naoki, they are the promoters/DJs/hosts and our dear friends that have made the tokyo experience a possibility for us all these years!

Is there a special someone in your life this Valentine’s Day? Are you a hopeless or a hopeful romantic?
Eli has been married 4 years now to his wife Andrea, so they will definitely be celebrating. Charlie on the other hand is a Bachelor, but certainly hopeful.

What was your mood and intention while recording this super sexy episode of The LoveBath?
Like any proper Valentine’s Day mix, this episode of The LoveBath takes the listeners into the depths of a sudsy sensual bubble bath. Soak, massage, rub and tug your way into aural bliss!!!

Drink of choice…
At the moment… Bloody Maria!


Jimbo James
Managing Editor