We’ve been getting our sex on to Get Down Edits jams since Day One of Music is 4 Lovers — shit, Mi4L may have been conceived to a GDE track! Highly likely no doubt. So for this upcoming Valentine’s Day we thought it was a necessity to deliver a brand spanking new LoveBath from the Irish disco duo to freak your sweetheart to this weekend. Draw the hot water, pour in the bubbles, grab the champagne and strawberries, press play, and make babies, baby!

The LoveBath Episode seX is here!

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Interview with Get Down Edits:

Where are you based now? What’s the local scene like there?

We are based in Waterford, which is down at the very south east end of Ireland. Waterford has always had a brillant scene, esp house when we started going to the clubs in mid-90’s to listen to local house DJ’s or Derrick Carter, DJ Harri and lots of other great DJ’s that used to visit our city back then. So house music has been very popular right up to this day.

How did your party “Get Down” originally come to form?

We started DJing together in early 2002 — we put on some parties too. One of first ones we did was called Get Down, so a few years later when thinking of a name to release edits on we went with Get Down Edits.

At what point did soul and 70s groove become a big influence for you?

We’ve always been into soul and disco even though we started off deep soulful house DJ’s; we just flipped it around maybe 2006 or 07 experimenting more with sets — playing lots of disco, edits and some house.

You have a North America tour coming up! What stop excites you the most? 

We are heading to México in March for a little tour. We are delighted about that as its our first gig over your side of world!

What stirring news can you share coming from the GDE label?

Just recently getting back into production after a bit of a break; so gonna to aim for a follow-up to the Family EP we released early last year, then maybe a Vol 5 to the Get Down Edits series, plus some remix requests have come in so hopefully they work out for us.

What equipment are you using in the studio these days? What are some items on your studio wish list?

Been using Abelton for nearly 10 years now so find it very hard to go past it; plus with all the new features being added to it with each update it really is an excellent DAW.

The new Queen & Disco record looks lovely. How are you were involved with that project?

Yeah, we’ve known the Q & D lads for a couple of years now. They invited us up to play for them and we became good friends as the lads are great guys and DJ’s. When they asked us to get involved on their label it was a no brainer; and with our italian friend LTJ, it turned out to be a great record.

When not making funky music what do you guys do in your spare time?

We both work our 9-5 jobs and spend time with our families and kids and then DJ on the weekends, so we are going 7 days a week most of the time and we love it!

What are 3 go-to tracks you’re currently playing out?

Your new LoveBath is incredible! Tell us about the mix…

Thank you! Yeah, it’s a slow tempo one that dosent go above 100 BPM, so it’s like what we do when we play early in our venue Shortts Terrace in Waterford. Or if we were doing a bar set, this is the kinda music we would always start with and keep rising the tempo as the night goes on so could be at 120 BPM plus by end of the night.

Drink Of Choice…

Guinesss, Bacardi, and the odd Mojito!