MÉTIER is the new label from Jack! Who? and his UK based deathtechno.com project that is set to journey into deep, dreamy, dub, techno, acid, electro and ambient that will surprise and delight from release to release.

Collage artwork images are by local artist Grassi Art.

Stefan Weise grew up in Europe but is now based in the USA where he hosts his “Blue Industries” show on Proton Radio. With over twenty years of production experience including appearances on Alex Bau’s Credo, Secret Cinema’s Gem Records and Nadja Lind’s Lucidflow.

Sammy Goossens aka Sierra Sam is a Belgian artist now based in Germany, who is respected for his varied production style. Having collaborated with artists such as KiNK, Suburban Knight and Bloody Mary, he has released on labels including Peacefrog, R&S and Tresor under a variety of different aliases. Many will recognise his Sierra Sam moniker from his solo releases on Pets Recordings, Upon.You and Souvenir Music for example.

The opening track “Initialize Dawn” uses warm and waving synth tones to roll forward in perpetual motion. Fuzzy vocal hits of artificial intelligence chatter add to the groovy mood and sublime acid licks create a finishing touch to this masterpiece of audio design.

“The Times” instantly favours a funky analogue feel that rises through dreamy, droning synths and under crunching percussion layers. Quirky, bubble bursting effects launch it to a whole new level of intrigue making it a real stand out selection in every way.

Sierra Sam opts for a dubby and darker version with a strong, pushing rhythm from the prominent 808 kicks. Deep tom hits create an understated tribal feel, along with a killer new hook from spiky keys drenched in luscious reverb and delay.

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– A field of work in which one has special ability or outstanding talent.




Artist: Stefan Weise
Title: The Times EP
Release Date: 2021-03-26




– jbravo
Juany Bravo

Managing Editor