[New Release]  Shall Ocin just started releasing music in 2012, but given his flawless style and awesome technique you would think that this producer has been around for years.  Already stamping his authority on the scene with his first release, we get this follow up on Leftroom Records where he delivers with this magnificent EP, Tribute To Summertime.

‘Tribute To Summer’ is a simply stunning track with an alluring atmosphere, tons of groove, and a riding bass line.  Taking the original Porgy & Bess track and giving it his own touch, he makes this a nostalgic anthem to this past summer.  ‘Feel The Same’ is another monster of a track with an abysmal groove, funky riffs, and intoxicating vocals.  ‘I Know’ is another magnificent track with stellar vibes,  crisp percussion, live instruments, a wonderful bass line, making this song a surefire success.

Shall Ocin proves to us that he is a true talent.  The EP is incredible from beginning to end.  Shall is most certainly someone to look out for.




Artist:  Shall Ocin
Title:  Tribute To Summertime EP
Label:  Leftroom Records
Catalog No.:  LEFT034D


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