[Release] Wow. I’m in love. Scarlett Nina is new to me and already stolen my heart with this one. Encompassing my favorite vibe and extracting in me my favorite emotions. Originating from France’s west coast and now residing in Paris, Scarlett Nina has been building a body of works as of late and is currently in the midst of preparing a live showcase of his deep, dark bass-driven productions. Scarlett’s debut ‘Sunday Mood’ on the reputable Apparel Music last year saw the start of an undoubtedly fruitful career for this 21 year old.

Uffffffff. ‘The End’ is mesmermizing. Embodying an organic essence, the track is built around a moody guitar hook, intricately delayed and reverberated to create a powerful atmospheric depth. Nina then applies a storytelling spoken word vocal, pitched down and layered on top of the trippy atmosphere and sharp 4/4 drum programming, further adding to its dark nature. Delicate complexities such as reverse reverb and commodious reverb tails further fuel the tracks energy. The EP features a remix by No.19 Music artist Tone Of Arc aka Derrick Boyd of Dead Seal fame, applying his signature melodic deepness to the original cut with sensual electric piano licks, a bouncy, playful bass-line and quirky synth stabs. The track steadily blossoms, easing into an amalgamation of tones that create an ever-evolving dynamic. Russian trio Special Case, notably known for their work with the likes of Culprit, Souvenir and Akbal Music deliver a wonderfully fresh outlook, manifesting the sound of UK Bass music with a unique dusky essence. The EP features another Scarlett original ‘Who Am I To Disagree’ which drops the tempo slightly on the EP and encompasses a distinctive airy atmosphere. There’s a running theme in Nina’s productions here with the low-pitched vocals and gritty electronic bass tones again taking control. Parisian David K reworks ‘Who Am I To Disagree’, with an intense heavy hitter, built around stripped percussion and ethereal background aesthetics. The track slowly progresses to its central point where K introduces a classic house chord melody that carries out the rest of the track cleverly altering its envelope along the way.

As always, another amazing release for Turquoise Blue. Turquoise Blue not only always has quality releases but has always been a source for turning me onto new talent, add this one to the list! Scarlett Nina, it’s safe to say, I have a crush. Completely infatuated by this first meeting through this EP, Scarlett Nina is definitely one we will be watching out for.


Artist: Scarlett Nina
Title: The End
Label: Turquoise Blue Recordings
Release Date: October 1
Catalog: TQR009



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