French DJ and producer Save As, hailing from New Jersey, makes a bold statement with his latest EP, “All Nighter,” released on the prestigious record label Happy Techno Movement, curated by Lexlay. This new release showcases Save As’s distinctive tech house style, featuring two standout tracks: “All Nighter” and “Stranger.”
The title track, “All Nighter,” immediately captivates with its pulsating beats, creating an infectious groove that is sure to set dance floors ablaze. Save As masterfully weaves hypnotic melodies and dynamic rhythms, crafting a track that invites listeners to lose themselves in the music for an unforgettable night of electronic bliss.
Complementing the EP is the second track, “Stranger.” With its energetic basslines and intricate synth arrangements, “Stranger” continues Save As’s sonic journey, delivering a seamless fusion of classic sounds and contemporary flair. The track maintains an enticing balance between familiarity and innovation, showcasing Save As’s prowess in the tech house realm.
The “All Nighter EP” not only underscores Save As’s musical prowess but also solidifies his collaboration with Happy Techno Movement as a partnership destined for success. The EP is a testament to Save As’s ability to craft tracks that resonate with both devoted tech house enthusiasts and those new to the genre.

“ALL NIGHTER EP” is out now!