Hood Politics welcomes Ben Read back to the label as he comes firing in from the UK with their fourth consecutive sophomore release. HP have been anticipating this EP for ages – Ben’s last EP with them caused a ruckus all across the globe and the label is confident to say this one takes things a step further.

Diving head first into this powerful pairing of tracks, Ben Read delivers absolute carnage with his title track sent straight from the gods. ‘Rise’ combines some of the greatest vocals on earth with a classy, unmatched bass line, brilliant drum work and focus on funk. ‘Boogie Bang’ brings us his signature tech house flavor with a bit more grit and grime, wasting no time in sending crowds to dance floors on the moon.

With this EP we get the honor of welcoming Save As to the label, an absolute weapon from our home town who’s brought nothing but light into our lives. Save As supplied us with the remix we didn’t know we needed. He took a perfect track and turned it up two, maybe three notches, giving us obscure synthesis paired with immaculate grooves and loads of energy.

This has to be one of our favorite EPs we’ve ever released, straight up. What this release stands for is the reason we started the label.




Artist: Ben Read, Save As
Title: Rise EP
Label: Hood Politics Records
Release Date: 2019-05-10





– jams
Jimbo James