With their debut EP Losing Gravity, Rise of Apollon continue with what they started with Odyssee, their first release as part of the first label compilation by Clouds Records. Losing Gravity puts on display a wide array of Rise Of Apollon´s skillset while taking the listener on an unexpected journey with a bunch of musical twists and turns. Spatially separated from each other due to the pandemic the duos music reflects on some darker facets of life. Five original tracks channel their passion for melancholic and driving music and establish a unique style within deep melodic techno. The EP comes complete with a pair of great remixes done by Innacircle and Denis Keiner.

Rise of Apollon, nice to meet you! How are things?

Nice to meet you too. The open air season is in full swing and in view of the last few years we could hardly do better.

What’s the story behind your project? How long have you been producing music together for?

We met at university about 7 years ago and have been very good friends ever since. When we moved into a shared student apartment in 2018, we noticed that we harmonize musically quite well. So the Rise Of Apollon project was born pretty quickly. It was also at the time when we started to produce the first tracks together in our small studio.

What does your production setup look like? Any favourite pieces of hardware you use?

We mainly produce with Ableton Live. In our hardware setup there is a Moog SUB 37, which is simply unbeatable for leads or basslines. We use a Behringer MS 1 as the second analog synthesizer.

It comes pretty close to the original from Roland and is perfect for short, aggressive bass shots. We also use the Maschine from Native Instruments for drums. This simply enables an incomparable workflow for drumpattern.

What artists inspire you both and the sound you are creating?

There are actually many artists, that affect us in a variety of ways. This includes many great artists such as Hannes Bieger, Innellea or, most recently, the rising talent Moritz Hofbauer. But we tend to get our greatest inspiration from our immediate surroundings.

Especially within our Clouds Collective we are in constant exchange with many great and talented artists for example Floke, Denis Keiner or Rengs This constant exchange is very important for our creative process.

Your new release comes on Clouds Records, tell us about this special EP and how it came about.

The new EP is actually a heart project of both of us. On the one hand it is our first EP on our homebase label clouds records, which we founded together with our collective in 2020. On the other hand, the EP also accompanied us through the difficult time during the Corona crisis.

During this time of lockdowns and restrictions, producing was often our only connection to how it was before. That’s why we are all the happier that the EP is finally released and we can play the tracks in front of an audience.

What are your plans for this summer?

We are currently in the process of developing our new live set in which we reinterpret our own tracks live on stage. We then want to perform this at the upcoming open airs and festivals until the end of September. In addition, we are currently still busy in the studio and in the finalization of two more EPs.