Photo Credit: Christopher Soltis

Sunday, February 9th marked the second gypsy inspired, sunset driven affair at Eduardo Castillo’s downtown spot, and the vibrancy both the talent and crowd brought to the space was remarkable.

Starting at 2:00, the day began with ease as people sprawled on couches, energized with elixirs and organic eats, lounged in the newly erected teepee and casually chatted with friends in the sunshine.  As some time passed, we couldn’t help but make our way onto the dancefloor, drawn by Sabo’s magnetic selections and smooth flow that guided the mellow beginning flawlessly.

Photo Credit: Christopher Soltis

Axel Boman took the stage and crazed the dancefloor, leading the sunset with ease as he dove into his extensive vinyl collection.  Sailing from deep house and stripped down disco to soulful classics, passionate rhetoric, electronic nuances and Latin rhythms, his set was erratic yet cohesive, difficult to predict yet easy to dance with.

But aside from his blissful beats and risky mixes, what truly preserved the extraordinary energy until nightfall was his genuine excitement and playful demeanor as he sang along with tracks, danced exuberantly and flashed smiles at people in the crowd.  In a scene where elitist artists and dark, serious tones are becoming the norm, Axel is a refreshing character who seems to grasp the concept of what dance music culture is grounded in-letting go, making connections and most importantly, having fun!

Here are a few memorable tracks from the day, compiled by friends with lots of love.

Awanto 3 – Pregnant

Matt Karmil – 606 Pianos

The Streets – Weak Become Heroes (distinctively remembered from his amazing Garden Festival set)

Mount Kimbie – Took Your Time (Kyle Hall Remix)

Paranoid London – Transmission 5


Big thank you to Mr. Boman, Sabo and Eduardo Castillo for hosting such a magical day and we cannot wait to return for another Sunday soiree on the 23rd with Scissor & Thread’s Francis Harris <3



Photo Credit: Christopher Soltis