[Release] Influenced at a young age in the New York club scene, Corey Baker made the move across the Atlantic to the UK in 2006. In London is where he really developed his sound and made a name for himself helping to establish the Wildkats trio. Wildkats have made a name for themselves with their impressive sounds, sets, and remixes but for our latest release solo producer Corey Baker steps aside to blow your mind.

R&B ballad vocals riding on soulful sounds make ‘The Chase’ an instant favorite. Perfect to set the mood and get the good vibes flowing, the track hits you in your soul.

The second track on the EP takes it down and dirty. With grimy tech vibes and foot stomping high hats to get you dancing, ‘Freaky Tales’ is perfect to take it harder. A mid track slow down and rap vocal keep the track straight gangster.

The third track is a collaboration between Corey Baker and MEXA papilord Louie Fresco and it is straight sex. A deep sexy bassline underlines the entrancing and eerie vibes, laced with sexual sporadic moaning vocals and hypnotizing melodies.

The EP rounds off with two remixes. The first is Nikko Gibler’s twist on ‘The Chase’, dropping out the reverb and R&B feel and taking it a bit more twisted and entrancing with an added spellbinding sound. The second is Tone Of Arc’s Expressionist Edit, ditching the darker vibes and giving it that classic Tone of Arc artsy and instrumental emphasis.

It’s too hard to pick a favorite when every track on the entire EP encompasses my favorite aspects from all that is deep & tech. From R&B to dirty tech to dark, ominous, and deep, Corey Baker gets it all with ‘The Chase’ EP. Definitely my favorite MEXA release so far for its versatility and straight up sexy and badass vibe all around.



Artist: Corey Baker
Title: The Chase
Label: MEXA Records
Release Date: January 21
Catalog: MEXA008