[Release] Said it before, and I’ll say it a million times more … Cream Couture was one of my favorite new things to come out of 2012. Their latest release has been out for two weeks and is already climbing high in the charts, and for a damn good reason. Brought to you by Jon Celius, a groovy and fresh spin on disco track ‘Still Don’t Love You’ is guaranteed to get you moving. Infused with vocals reminiscent of the classic 90s, dropping down lower with the heavy bass that we all now crave.


‘Still Don’t Love You’ brings together artists Haze-M, PONY and Patrick Podage on the remix duties. PONY adds faster beats, and stronger bassline, while Podage, true to his style, is sexy, deeper, vocals on edge yet echoing throughout, promising to break through and pull you in. Haze-M, the underground rising talent shows us yet another side of his sound and gives us a bouncy remix which is bound to keep you moving!


Keeping up, ‘Down’ is smooth, again with R&B vocals and a beat to keep you suspended between two genres and two spaces fused together in perfect harmony with our new take on dance music. Down features remixes by Jo Beschil, Deep’art and Jonny Hopkinson. Beschil is slower, harder, his bassline guiding you down lower for each break. Deep’art, true to his name, creates for you lovers of deep house a darker remix, buiding momentum with an echoing beat and vocals, my personal favorite from the release. 


There is a remix in here for all your ears, all your tastes, and all your moods. Listen through, stay high, and stay low.


Artist: Jon Celius
Title: Still Don’t Love You
Label: Cream Couture
Release Date: January 7
Catalog: CCR006



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