[Release]  A lovely dose of tech house in the morning sets me right this cold and crisp fall day. Deep, dark, and sexy vocals lace the entire EP and hook you like a drug. While the title track ‘Insanity’ features LIA’s captivatingly creepy sexy female vocals, the other two originals on the EP feature darker male vocals. The entire EP is a divinely dark crafted tech house work of art. A bit more entrancing and slowly captivating than most tech I’ve loved before.

The way Re.You draws out the emotion and enhances the build up to the foot stomping techie goodness is more of an enrapturing allegory than a straight to point stereotyped tech track. It’s honestly too hard to pick a favorite as all 3 originals are sublime and captivating. The EP is topped off with a bonus remix from my favorite gangsta house dirty duo Amine Edge & DANCE.

An excellently well-crafted and divinely deep, dark & tech work of art, it’s no surprise it comes from a Berlin based artist and label. The mecca for anything tech, Berlin has been birthing some of the most original and impressive sounds in the field, it’s clear that labels like Souvenir Music and Re.You are definitely helping to add to the impassioned and inspiring reputation. This EP is a must purchase for any tech house lover.



Artist: Re.You
Title: Insanity
Label: Souvenir Music
Release Date: November 26
Catalog: SOUVENIR051



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