It’s with great joy and ENDLESS GRATITUDE that we bring you this special mix today. Last Friday we hit 5,000 likes and lovers on Facebook and we would like to express how truly grateful we are to each and every one of you for the constant and loyal support and love. It is a true treat and blessing to be able to share with the world our passion and love for this music. It is clear just through the interaction we have with each of you through a simple ‘like’ or a simple ‘share’ that this music is truly something else. This music, this underground scene, has created such a beautiful community and family worldwide. Music is the universal language, one that connects and bonds us no matter how many miles or oceans separate us. Music can travel without boundaries, and so can our LOVE. We hope that with each and every post you feel our passion, good vibes, and loving energy vibrating on the sound waves of sweet music to wherever you are.

We couldn’t think of a better way to say THANK YOU than with a special mix from two very special ladies. Badass, bangin’, and absurdly talented are the ladies of Blond:ish, Anstascia D’Elene & Vivie Ann Bakos. Montreal born and bred, these ladies have most certainly made a mark on the music world, especially in the last year. Heating up dance floors around the world, from clubs to festivals to owning it on top of Robot Heart, these ladies are notorious and infamous for throwing down and creating an insatiable vibe that always leaves the crowd fiending for more. Blessed by Blond:ish, here we present you with a special Live recording of their party for the infamously exclusive Vanilla Ninja nightclub in Moscow.