[Release]  2012 has been a great year for William Medagli.  Already having quality releases on Sleazy Deep, Cream Couture, ITech Soundsystem, and others, we get his next masterpiece on Deepness RecordsI Like William is a great name for this release, because if you have met or talked with this fine gentleman, you can’t help but like him.  Not only is he a nice guy, but his music speaks for itself and is of the utmost quality.  In addition to a great original track, we get five different remixes, including an amazing one from We Are Cassandre.

‘I Like William’ is an upbeat, soulful jam, with a funky moves and a wicked groove.  With a nice throwback feel, this chill track is one to keep you going throughout the day.  With a handful of great remixes on this release, I would like to focus on one that really stands out.  We Are Cassandre’s remix is simply stunning with its infectious groove and riding bass line.  A deep masterpiece, expect to be hearing this one played by many DJs.

This is a great release from William, and it has so much to offer for your many moods and settings.

Artist:  William Medagli
Title:  I Like William EP
Label:  Deepness Records
Catalog No.:  DPR035
Release Date:  25 November 2012