Collaborations often lead to magical moments being created and this certainly is the case with the latest release from RAVILLE, Kryoman & Luxe Agoris. ‘Mirè’ arrived just a few weeks ago and is maintaining a hype within the club scene with a unique blend of multiple musical genres. We were lucky enough to speak to the trio about what went into creating this single single release, check out what they had to say below.

Can you share the story behind how the collaboration on ‘Mirè’ came about?

“Our collaboration for ‘Mirè’ started with Afro House rhythms and we soon came across some African vocals that fit the vibe perfectly. The vocal resonated with our beats and perfectly matched the spirit we were looking for.”

It is set to be released on Chill Your Mind. How did the decision to release the track on this specific record label come about? What drew you to Chill Your Mind?

“Chill Your Mind seemed like the natural home for ‘Mirè’ with its status of delivering fresh, feel-good music. Although our track is a bit different then the other releases, it carries a vibe that aligns with the label’s uplifting sound.

In the studio, how did the creative process unfold for ‘Mirè’? Did each of you have specific roles, or was it more of a collaborative effort where ideas flowed freely?

“We only needed one good session to make Mirè and send it out for a release. With each of us contributing something different, the process was organic, allowing for a free flow of ideas..”

Individually, could each of you share some of your major musical influences and how they manifest in ‘Mirè’? Are there specific elements in the track that can be directly traced back to your personal inspirations?

“RAVILLE: I used to make “Groove House”, that includes a lot of drum rhythms and grooves. This aligned perfectly with the synths that Luxe and Kryo were working on.”

As individual artists, what unique elements or styles do each of you think you brought to ‘Mirè’? How did your individual strengths complement each other in the production process?

“Each of us has a unique fingerprint that we pressed into ‘Mirè’. From technical skills by RAVILLE & Luxe to creative melodies from Kryo, everything fell into place.”

After working together on ‘Mirè’, do you foresee more collaborations in the future? Are there specific artists or genres you’d love to explore collaboratively?

“The experience of working on ‘Mirè’ was amazing, and we’re already working on a lot of new stuff together! We’re always looking to expand our palette, perhaps working with artists who share our passion for innovation and can challenge us creatively.”

How do you think ‘Mirè’ will resonate with your audience? Is there a specific message or emotion you hope listeners take away from the track?

“‘Mirè’ is a track that’s meant to transport listeners, to give them a moment of joy and serenity in their day. We hope it resonates as a musical escape and instills a sense of connection to the deeper, more rhythmic life.”

In what ways do you believe ‘Mirè’ reflects the evolution of your sound as individual artists and as a collaboration? Are there any new elements or styles that you experimented with in this track?

“‘Mirè’ represents a significant point in our evolution as artists. For Luxe, it’s a whole new level of energy. It’s totally different from all the chill songs he did. RAVILLE and Kryoman have found new ways to implement organic sounding drums in their groovy projects.

Mirè is available here via Chill Your Mind, make sure to grab a copy!