Interview with Fede Aliprandi

Where are you right now? Where are you based?

I’m in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Hometown is at Capital Federal. 

Can you tell me about how you got into electronic music and became a producer?

I have been a electronic music lover since 12 years old. I think the first thing I heard was Daft Punk and Chemical Brothers. I decided to become a producer at the age of 22.

What artists were you listening to that impacted the tracks you wanted to make?

When I started making music I followed the style of Raffa FL, Wade, and Latmun. At the moment I feel more represented with artists such as Hot Since 82, Jamie Jones, Huxley.

As a DJ, how do you source new music?    

Mostly Beatport or Spotify.

How has your year been? What has been good and bad for you? 

My year has been going great so far. I started the year releasing on Deeperfect and been dropping new music almost every month. Also as a Dj I started to play in one of Buenos Aires most important parties, Club 69, at Niceto Club!

What else does Fede Aliprandi have for us for the rest of the year? 

For the rest of the year I have remix on Samani and a collaboration EP with Juan (Ar) on Playgroove récords of Sebastián Ledher

Check out Fede Aliprandi’s newest release with Ramin Majlessi out on MI4L today!

01) That’s Right
02) Check It

Artists: Fede Aliprando & Ramin Majlessi
Title: That’s Right
Label: Music is 4 Lovers
Catalogue: MI4L047
Release Date: 2022-08-26

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