The creative process is not like a situation where you get struck by a single lightning bolt. You have ongoing discoveries, and there’s ongoing creative revelations. With her new release, Pretty Pink nevertheless strikes like lightning – and yet she has gone through an exciting creative process to achieve it.

She unleashes her second release of the Dark Woods Triology on her label Deep Woods during her US tour with gigs in Las Vegas, Miami, Washington and Denver – just to name a few.

With “Gazer“, she focuses entirely on a driving club track with heavy synths, a sweaty break and deep rolling layers. “Gazer” is bursting with energy and contains an incredible intensity that makes the stars dance before your eyes.

Already with the first single from the Dark Woods EP, Pretty Pink has focused on a strong club context. With Gazer, she now goes one step further. An intense snapshot from a club night transformed into a track with a unique vibe.