Wout Records keeps us dancing with a new EP that finds Michele Anullo link with label boss Dinkis for four fresh new cuts of emotive house. “Above The Border Of Dreams” opens up with slow motion, deeply emotive and ambient laced house to sink you into a thoughtful reverie. “Diamante Nascosto” is a rubber cut with pained bass and synths that make you feel sombre things. It’s brilliantly tasteful and atmospheric. “Fire From Over Planet” is more cosmic, with gentle keys twinkling up top and lush claps adding to the effect. “Spectral Memories” closes out with more astral vibes that carry you away into the cosmos. This is superbly effective and alluring club music from this vital pair.

Diamante Nascosto is out on 6/22/2020 on Wout Records


Artist: Michele Anullo, Dinkis
Title: Diamante Nascosto
Label: Wout Records
Release Date: 2020-06-22




Turn it up & enjoy!