Iceland raised Intr0beatz released his debut EP with Shur-I-Kan’s Dark Energy Records back in 2015, and has been climbing up the latter nice and slowly ever since. Appearing with releases on labels like Lagaffe Tales, Closer To Truth, Stay True Sounds, City Fly and many more.

Now he has taken matters into his own hands by creating his own label, Cosmic Angles which he mainly use as an outlet for his own production but also showcase new unknown artists that have been on his radar.

Artist: Intr0beatz
Title: Improvise
Label: Cosmic Angles
Release Date: 2020-01-11


Interview with Intr0beatz

1.) Who is Intr0beatz?

I was born in Jakarta Indonesia and adopted to Iceland at 4 months old and grew up in the capital of Reykjavik.

My father is a musician and had a decent amount of jazz and fusion records at the house which became my first crate to search for samples in my early hiphop days.

Started djing at 12 and got my first equipment (mpc 2000xl) around 17 years old. Then back in 2011 I started messing with different styles of music. In 2013 my love for house music grew bigger and bigger and became my main focus.

2.) Tell about your new release & record label?

The main reason i started my own label is that i have so many unreleased music. When I sit down to make tunes I always start from scratch. Meaning I don’t have any templates or anything that would help me decide how the track will sound and those 3 tunes are a product of exactly that. All 3 are basically me just messing with different sounds and samples and recording me jamming with what I have going on. I chose these as my first release because I think they sound different and a bit odd with a different angle away from what I usually make. 

3.) Who are your greatest influences?

My biggest influence on my music journey are J Dilla and Madlib (R.I.P MF DOOM). It’s hard to mention only one of them because both literally completely changed my life and the way I listen to music. 

The third one has to be Mr.G. There is just something so magical about how he can make such a powerful music with so few elements. The depth just pulls you into his soundscape. Also the way he performs live with only his mpc 2000xl and a mixer just blows me away. Only people who have used the mpc 2000xl  know how insane it is to be able to perform a whole set with only that.

J dilla production :

Madlib production :

Mr. G :

4.) Please tell us about the electronic scene in Iceland. What artists do you love past and present that have inspired and encouraged you and what parties that you love going to have helped your musical evolution.

Iceland has a pretty big electronic music scene including everything from ambient to techno. But we dont have any proper venues so most of us just dont get to play that often. Fortunately, im blessed to be able to dj in few places and have been one of the resident djs at a place called Kaffibarinn. Which is kind of the house music institute of Iceland. Ive been able to bring friends over to play like Tilman, Jad&The, Black Loops, Carlo and Dj Caspa.

But artists like Exos, Bjarki, Felix Leifur, Jónbjörn and many others are definitely worth following!

5.) How have you been keeping busy during lockdown?

In Iceland we never had a total lockdown like in many other countries. We only had some restrictions. I work as a carpenter and have been work everyday and be able to have an income. Besides that, I’ve been working a lot on new music, finishing old unfinished tracks and learning to use some of my hardware I never had time to use. I also became a disc golf nerd (google it) so in total I’ve been pretty productive through out 2020.

6.) What else can we expect from Intr0beatz over the next year?

Ill be dropping a lot of music. Mostly on my label, Cosmic Angles. But also I got stuff coming out on Moment Cinetique, Selection Label, Stay True Sounds and a couple of remixes for various labels. But my main focus will be releasing on my label and build a solid catalog and hopefully release on vinyl also but only time will tell..

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