The Kompai label owner, producer and DJ Wouter S has been marking his place in the Dutch scene with confident energy over the last decade, racking up releases on labels like Unknown to the Unknown, Waze & Odyssey’s Street Track and Kerri Chandler’s Madhouse Records to name just a few.

His latest release comes on Huxley’s Dumb Safari imprint. A remix of Mees Mattern’s Da Slapper, for his interpretation Wouter S takes things into a darker, sketchier place, with a rumbling UK garage-esque bassline and warped, sinister synths lines arcing dramatically out of the gloom.

With the release out now, we asked Wouter to pick out some of the tracks currently lighting up his sets.

Boris Ross – 4 Steps

This tune just breathes party. Heavy drums and very catchy chords.

Glassick, Joaquin Lamanna – Taka

I really love me some pumping techhouse. This one has quite a commercial break down. However I really like to play and loop it. People always go wild when I throw this one out.

Sidney Charles – No Way Out

Been a long time fan of Sidney Charles and this tune just proves again why. The way he integrates a breakbeat with new york chords yet a techhouse vibe is out of this world.

Skeptic – Join Hands (Dark Dub)

This speedgarage banger is amazing. I made a cheeky little edit just for myself with cutting the break in half and keeping it even more dark. However the original in this case is sick as well.

Devstar – Bricktop

I received a promo couple of months ago and was instantly in love. Just has everything. Bass, snares, all that.

Sally C – Downtown

I fancy almost every Sally C tune out there, however this one stands out for me. Groovy bassline, catchy vocals, heavy drums. Always get the crowd going.

Tommy Vicari Jnr – Unofrget U

Slapfunk is in my heart. Known the boys from the start. They always put out quality releases. Just like this one. It’s a contagious yet simple banger.

Anil Aras – Flatpack

This is a straight up dancefloor monster. Nice organs and a tight groove as per usual. One of my favorite artists around as well.

Chico Rose – Tiki Tiki

This track brings me straight back to 2006 in a way. Back when we had a kind of electro house era, not sure why. It’s quite a popular track, but I don’t really care. If it bangs it bangs.

Wouter S – Got Something to Say

What would a fav tune top 10 be without something of myself. I made this tune with Junior Jack & Kid Creme in mind as an inspiration.