The newly renovated BCM Mallorca continued its sensational summer season on May 11th. 

The world renowned club boasts production like no other and electric experience on an all new level. 

This particular weekend it was a feast for techno and tech house enthusiasts as the lineup featured Technasia, wAFF, and Hector Couto and more. 

Technasia initiated the evening with a masterful set, seamlessly merging driving techno rhythms with melodic nuances. Following him, wAFF electrified the crowd with his dynamic selection, ranging from deep tech house to anthemic beats,  and Hector Couto closed the night with his distinctive blend of house and techno, expertly guiding the crowd through a euphoric journey under the stars.

Here are the top four tunes we heard them play. 

Jesse Jacob’s “Roll On”:

Jesse Jacob’s “Roll On” embodies infectious energy with its pulsating beats and hypnotic melodies, guiding listeners on a sonic journey. 

FIRZA’s “Inner City London”:

This is a majestic track that captivates with its atmospheric soundscape, evoking the bustling essence of urban life.

London Ground’s “Between The Lines”:

London Ground’s “Between The Lines” skillfully blends deep grooves and melodic layers, creating a rich sonic tapestry that resonates deeply. 

Sepp’s “Skin”:

This killer cut exudes raw emotion, weaving intricate rhythms and ethereal textures.