The guys over at MDA(Modern Disco Ambassadors) have been bringing some serious talent to Southern California, giving Orange County exactly what it deserves with a nice and intimate venue that gives you a warmhearting feeling and puts you up close and personal with the artists. The dynamic duo of Brendan Thomas and Ian Alexander (Kedd Cook) have created sparks, and Wednesdays at La Cave have now become a MUST GO night, as the talent these guys are bringing in is superb. With past guests such as Lee Foss, Maxxi Soundsystem, Wildkats, Nitin, Simon Baker, Matt Tolfrey, Amine Edge & Dance, Silky, Bloody Mary, Voices of Black, Tim Green, Droog, Pig & Dan, Shaded, Session Victim, and a whole load of other artists, this week they welcome back one of our personal favorites, Maxxi Soundsystem.  This man can do no wrong with his spot on productions and vibey sets.  We are ecstatic to see him make his return to OC and can’t wait for all the dope music he is going to play.  Huge respect to MDA for bringing in these quality names and for resident DJ Kedd Cook who has been holding it down week after week and putting OC back on the map.  If you are not familiar with what is going on right in the heart of Orange County, it’s time you find out!

Event info HERE