Brighton’s Maxxi Soundsystem returns with his brand new release  ‘In the Woods’ out today via Futureboogie. Maxxi has been on our radar for quite some time now, with release after release delivering his impeccable production chops. Ever since dropping ‘Regrets We Have No Use For’, a track that  was impossible not to hear no matter what event you were attending, we knew he was something special.  ‘Near Me’ kicks the release off with Maxxi teaming up with the extraordinary vocalist that is Crazy P’s Danielle Moore for two different yet equally exciting iterations of the track. The ‘Club Mix’ brings us a pulsating and electric bassline that is the perfect counterpart for Danielle’s vocal storytelling, The ‘Barbarellas version’ offers a slightly more uptempo beat and a sharper more persuasive production style that is the perfect counterpart. The title track ‘In the Woods’ is a much deeper track , with its long and low melodies and ghostly background howls, conjuring a dark and melancholy forest from which we cannot escape.


ARTIST: Maxxi Soundsystem
RELEASE DATE: 2015-06-29
LABEL: Futureboogie Recordings