Jeudi Records introduces us to ‘The Remixes’ – a new series of compilations giving a fresh spin on previously released favorites from the label.  Volume 1 of the series incorporates distinct new flavors and sounds, making this EP nothing short of amazing.  For this particular compilation, JEUDI has rounded up a handful of talented contributors to showcase their remixing skills, providing us with an eclectic assortment of interpretations.

The first track on the EP is brought to us by Maxxi Soundsystem, giving Doctor Dru’s original deep, melancholic piece ‘Proper Lane’ an uplifting twist by use of playful beats and prominent brass. Next, we dive into MANIK’s delightful interpretation of Cheap Picasso’s ‘Don’t Play Around’ – a dance floor banger, enriched with bouncy vocal cuts and deep, heavy bass and percussion. The upbeat, melodic vibes throughout will surely get you groovin’.

Both Camea and fresh new tech duo, Quina, provide refreshing new takes on original Bambook tracks.  Drift into darkness with Camea’s intriguing take on ‘Tow the Line’. The haunting melodies and echoed vocals will lure you into a musical daze. Transport yourself into tranquility with Quina’s mesmerizing spin on ‘Träume’ (translated from German to “Dreams”), which conveys just exactly that. With airy soundscapes, chilling vocals and ambient textures, you will undoubtedly be immersed into a dream-like state.


Artist: Maxxi SoundsystemManikCameaQuinaDoctor DruCheap PicassoBambook
Release Date: 2016-01-11
Label: Jeudi Records
Catalog No.:  JEU022

-Crystal Helman