Betoko is back with an epic new remix of Pete Grace’sCarried On ’. Brought to us by Einmusika Recordings, the full EP ‘Chosen Few ’ consists of Pete Grace’s two new originals ‘Carried On’ and ‘Chosen Few’, featuring vocals by Thomas Gandey, in addition to remixes by artists such as Ante Perry and Betoko.  While each remix surely provides a unique rendition to the original, Betoko magically manages to transform the track into a beautiful piece all its own.

Composed of soft vocals, dreamy melodies and blissful synths, the deep breaks and ethereal atmospherics will transcend and absorb you into a euphoric, musical voyage.

Growing up in Mexico, Ben Cohen (aka Betoko) was surrounded with a family of creative energy, so it was only natural that he pursed a career in music. With a background in guitar and drums in his teens, Betoko discovered his passion for electronic music when moving to his current city of London. His distinct sound and persistent drive earned him great success, rising him to the center of the international music list, leading him to head his own two labels, Oko and Chilli Mint Music

With a foundation in tech, minimal and house, Betoko proves he can certainly produce a diverse array of genres. While his translation of ‘Carried On’ magnificently conveys a strong sense of depth and emotion, the remainder of the EP flawlessly provides a much darker and mysterious vibe, creating great balance among the tracks.


Artist:Pete GraceBetoko
Release Date: 2016-01-11
Label: Einmusika Recordings
Catalog No.:  EINMUSIKA067

-Crystal Helman