Most of the time I’m in firm belief that it’s best to just let artists explain their own work:

The third release on Boogie Originals is another genre-crossing musical excursion from Deep Space Orchestra and James Johnston…with a remix from Voyeur Rhythm’s Ben Sun.


Title track Chrome Hand’s clockwork space android sound rolls out perfectly along the deeper plane of the label, whilst Ben Sun’s remix lifts us up with added layers of percussion and super emotive synth work.


On the flip James Johnston treats us to two entirely different slabs of the sounds that inspire him. Faces and Traces works the slower groove for the earlier dancefloor, and Sunshine stars bringing out the purely epic.


All the tracks are made for the dance-floor, mastered separately for vinyl and digital release, and will be in all the usual music outlets soon.


(Correction) September 5th release date. Be on the lookout.

BGO-003-The Chrome Hand EP-Boogie Originals by Cosmic Boogie