[New Mix] Seth motha funkin Troxler. His label and family is called Visionquest for a reason … because they strive, they search, they push, they quest for a vision, a sound, and a vibe uniquely their own. The ringleader and eccentric soul has infamously evaded the shores of Southern California and my desire to experience his essense lingers on without hope of fulfillment too soon. In the wavering lust, I appreciate now more than ever technology and the ability to record live sets. If I can’t have him live, at least I can have his live sounds. Featuring old and new favorites such as DJ W!LD – Last Summer (Kerri Chandler remix)Ferrer & Hommen – No Difference, Jaydee – Plastic Dreams, John Tejada – Unstable Condition, Nicole Moudabear – Let GoDave Angel – Mothership pt1, and Thugfucker (Tale Of Us) – Morgana. Straight from Brussels, Fuse club delivers from the vault a 3 hour journey, a 3 hour trip from the white rabbit himself Sir Seth Troxler. Laced with pure darkness and taking you to the depths, this 3 hour set WILL take you there …