[New Mixes] Welcome to the weekend lovers! Both mind and body need to exercise, so this week we’ve found some great high-energy mixes to keep you dancing for the next 48 hours, as well as a couple to get your mind jogging and slip into speculative journeying.  We hope you have a fantastic weekend, disco dancers!


Clinton Houlker for Resonance Radio


 Frank & Tony for the S&T Podcast


Le Loup – Summer Session


H.O.s.H for Diynamic NEON Promo Mix


 AJello for MixMag



 James Zabiela for the RA Podcast

“I don’t mind admitting that I was nervous about making this mix. Sometimes you can make promo mixes or mix tapes for fun fairly quickly, and even in one take without too much thought, but this mix was kind of a big deal for me. In all fairness this, with all the travelling I’ve been doing, which equally inspired and hindered the mix in terms of how long it took to complete. I probably spent about three months on it! This might sound a bit like overkill for a “DJ mix” but I wanted to create something more than that, something personal.”

RA Podcast #319 — James Zabiela