[Mix] New Years Eve sparked nights of magic around the world, but, few could create the magical energy that was born at Tropical Hearts. Tropical Hearts is the marriage between Tropical House, put on by Ben Annand, and Desert Hearts, put on by the collaboration of the Jungle tribe, Mikey Lion, Matt Marbella, Ryan Orey, and Porkchop, and Christopher Kristoff & Lee Reynolds, to create an amazing outdoor house and techno gathering and music experience. They serve as the white rabbit to the wonderland of the desert, creating an ambience and mystical energy that will transport you to a fantasy where you can get lost in the dream. New Years Eve was a night like that, Tropical Hearts threw their first party together on that night at the Zorthian Ranch in Southern California. Only tales of pure enchantment came pouring out of the night. Mikey Lion, infamously known for rockin a decked out top hat, was the chosen one to provide the soundtrack to the change of the new year … and he brought it in right. Luckily for us, that bangin desert techno vibe was recorded. Get ready to get moving with this one, it rips it hard …