[Release] The first release we’ve ever heard from a 2 time convicted felon, with charges ranging from racketeering to running a high end prostitution service. Notorious in the streets of Mississippi, and no stranger to South Florida, Leroy “Big L” Brown gave up a life of of illegal activity to seek another profession. DJing & Producing had always been a childhood dream after hearing the likes of DJ Kool Herc, Grand Master Flash, and childhood friend Dookie Love. The self proclaimed “Baddest Muthafucka In House Music” debuts on Mr. Nice Guy with the street anthem “They Just Want That Dick”.


We wouldn’t expect anything less than this bangin, bump n grind, booty bass, hard hitting, techie track from the infamous bad bad Leroy Brown. Falling in with the ever growing popular booty bass made famous by the Dirtybird crew out of San Francisco and Mr. Nice Guy Records out of Miami, we are excited to see if Big L has more heavy jacking rhythms for us in the future. As always, a superb dirty sexy release from Mr. Nice Guy. Get down on this one with a true OG …



Artist: Leroy “Big L” Brown
Title: They Just Want That Dick
Label: Mr. Nice Guy Records
Release Date: February 5
Catalog: MNG19



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