Over the past eight years, Mikey Lion has fostered a community of house and techno fans around the world, helping to spread the gospel of Desert Hearts while growing into one of North America’s most in-demand party-starters. Through it all, he has developed his own unique sonic palette, adorned with historic shades of Chicago house and old school hip hop. Now, Mikey is ready to release a fresh batch of tunes which usher in the next phase for himself and the Desert Hearts Records imprint. He offers the first taste of these productions with the two track ‘I Feel High’ EP

‘I Feel High’ marks the third entry in the ‘Road To Desert Hearts’ series, following entries from Porky & Mitch Dodge, and Lee Reynolds & Memo Rex. The record shows off a nuanced side to Mikey’s artistry, starting on the percussion-led title track whose minimal synth elements and grooving bassline prime it as a churning vibe builder. Then comes “That’s Hot,” a peak-time appropriate composition peppered with running synth lines and ASMR-approved Paris Hilton vocal samples. The EP shows off the polished sound design Mikey has developed through sleepless nights in the studio.

‘The Road To Desert Hearts’ not only shows off the distinctive sonic personalities of Mikey, Lee, Porky, and Marbs, but also kicks off a bustling year in which North America’s best will be brought into the spotlight. With the Desert Hearts crew leading the charge, expect a year full of forward-thinking and fresh beats that will serve as the perfect soundtrack leading into the 2020 festival and beyond in renowned venues like Space Miami, festivals like Vujaday and Lightning in a Bottle, and Dallas for the city’s inaugural Desert Hearts Black showcase.