Despite a crazy 2020, record labels still produced an amazing output of music throughout the year! Below is MI4L’s picks for Fav Labels of 2020…

DO NOT SIT ON THE FURNITURE RECORDINGS — The Miami-based label really stepped it up in 2020 — capitalizing on the organic / melodic / afro house boom! DNSOTF, led by Behrouz, put out 20 releases in 2020 — nearly two releases per month; all of which are quality. Big ups to the A&R team at Do Not Sit — looking forward to what they release in 2021.

Jimbo James, MI4L Editor-in-Chief & Resident DJ

SAVED RECORDS — The Fancuilli’s Saved Records put out so many top quality tracks that stretched across the realm of house, afro house, and tech house; which really showcased the top sounds of the year.

Juany Bravo, MI4L Managing Editor & Label Artist

LARGE MUSIC — Easy choice for me here on this one. From Crackazat to Colorjaxx to Demarkus Lewis & Vertigini, there were just so many top-notch releases to listen to on Large in 2020.

DuBeats, MI4L Senior Editor, Label Artist & Resident DJ

SHALL NOT FADE — A pretty easy choice, but man, Shall Not Fade has been on point! Especially in 2020, where we saw so many labels slow down their output, this label cranked it up! No matter what style they’re offering, it’s always quality and diverse!

The Silver Rider, MI4L Senior Editor & Label Artist

MOBLACK RECORDSMoBlack releases so many tunes that always crush!

SAAND, MI4L Senior Editor & Label Artist

TRIPPY ASS TECHNOLOGIES — Trippy Ass Technologies had a hell of a year — from all their EP releases to the Trippy Associates compilation. Christian Martin and Mark Starr are doing a great job with this label.

Mitch Dodge, MI4L Editor, Label Artist & Resident DJ

PIV — Consistent and solid releases all year from PIV Records!

Ramin, MI4L West Coast Podcast Founder & Resident DJ

NASTYFUNK — There have a been a few that stick out this year, but in terms of consistency of sound, I would have to say deep tech label NastyFunk Records has been superb.

Simon Huxtable, MI4L News Editor

AKBAL MUSICRobbie Akbal is doing a great job with all the collaborations in the organic house realm on Akbal Music.

PALOMA, MI4L Label Artist & Resident DJ

TOY TONICSCOEO and Kapote’s releases standout in 2020 from the powerhouse label, Toy Tonics.

Hylas, MI4L Resident DJ

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– jams
Jimbo James