Phew! 2020 is over, one of the most tumultuous years in human history; but however badly it affected the event industry, the music was stronger than ever! Below is MI4L’s picks for Fav Artists of 2020…

MIHAI POPOVICIUMihai Popoviciu is coming off a huge year! Besides releasing his stellar 10-track LP “Motion Manifold” on Poker Flat, Mihai has released a ton of great music in 2020 on labels like Gruuv; Get Physical; Whoyostro; Highway Records; Bar 25 Music; & his own label, Cyclic Records.

Jimbo James, MI4L Editor-in-Chief & Resident DJ

JOESKI — Joeski absolutely smashed it in 2020. His productions, in my opinion, is unmatched. He is able to constantly weave in his latino heritage with the new sounds of the scene, and his tracks are never a miss!

Juany Bravo, MI4L Managing Editor & Label Artist

JT DONALDSON — Massive year for JT Donaldson with some of his best remixes and originals dropped to date. A class-act, JT is a model figure for the real artists in house music.

DuBeats, MI4L Senior Editor, Label Artist & Resident DJ

AUSTIN ATO — Another quality artist, Austin Ato amped up his output and offered a diverse selection of tunes. From stomping disco edits to warehouse techno or deep, vocal house… everything is worth a gander.

The Silver Rider, MI4L Senior Editor & Label Artist

JOESKI — Anything Joeski makes is gold, he is a powerhouse!

SAAND, MI4L Senior Editor & Label Artist

ARDALANArdalan had a big year with production, his full length and the remix album that just dropped. All of his sets also and itsGoodTV have been great to watch and he is such a beast on the decks.

Mitch Dodge, MI4L Editor, Label Artist & Resident DJ

CHRIS STUSSY — Chris Stussy’s understanding of jazz, disco, and Chicago house kept his 2020 releases consistent and versatile. Love his minimal style!

Ramin, MI4L West Coast Podcast Founder & Resident DJ

FEDERICO PUENTES — A newer artist that got on my radar in 2020 was Federico Puentes, an Argentinian living in Sydney, Australia. His music is cinematic and widescreen.

Simon Huxtable, MI4L News Editor

VOLEN SENTIR — Volen Sentir released a great remix of Nacho Varela & Cruz Vittor’s track “Underworld” on Santi Radio Moscow. What I like of this track is that it has a great groovy bass line with organic sounds and real instruments; the vocals are powerful, as well — it connects my mind, body and soul.

PALOMA, MI4L Label Artist & Resident DJ

BLACK LOOPSBlack Loops released a multitude of original tunes and countless remixes. He has been one of the hardest working producers and DJs throughout 2020.

Hylas, MI4L Resident DJ

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Jimbo James