[Release] Continuing with their steady stream of quality releases, Union Jack Records latest work, Blazer, comes from up and coming British producer Marc Vexar. With two tracks and a trio of remixes, Blazer gives us a variety of sounds to enjoy.

Title track “Blazer” starts off with jungley percussion and an alluring vocal cut before dropping in a heavy, bouncing bass line and crisp drums, making for a perfect build up to a peak hours cut. B-side, “Z-Lista,” gets nu-disco dark. While the drums are still crisp, a slight echo added to them gives them  menacing vibe. The wonky bass seems to chase after you while a haunting synth blankets the production to add to the after-hours feel of the song.

“Blazer” get remixed in a variety of styles, from old-school (Sean Roman), to dreamy (Diego Moreno), to straight up groovy (Art in Motion).

Having recently been picked up by Hot Waves, Vexar is certainly a name to be on the look out for and Blazer is a prime example of why.