[New Release]  If there is one track that that takes me back to the days of school dances, it would have to be Montell Jordan’s ‘This is How We Do It.’  A classic dance floor sensation, it’s no wonder why OFF Recordings brings it back with their latest release supplied by Sharam Jey.  An artists who has firmly established himself in 2012, we get this awesome rework that will surely get your booty shaking.  Also featuring label head Andre Crom on the remix, this record is another great addition to OFF’s incredible catalog.

Sharam Jey takes the original Montell track and gives it a more modern and deeper feel which makes it more suitable for today’s crowd.  Something classic and familiar, he gives it just the right amount of style that still makes it seem new and fresh.  Andre Crom really tackles the percussion on this track, and gives it a nice kick while still holding true to the tracks original melody.

This release is a total booty shaker and and awesome release from OFF Recordings.  OFF continues their trend of taking classic samples and reworking them into modern music, and this release is yet another triumph.  Sharam Jey has been on fire lately with more than a handful of releases in the past months and I don’t the music stopping any time soon.


Artist:  Sharam Jey
Title:  Like Nobody Does
Label: OFF Recordings
Catalog No.:  OFF038

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