We have an ultra special LoveBath for you here this week as we shine a light on the newest member of the Music Is 4 Lovers family, DuBeats. The former Bostonian relocated out to sunny San Diego and began making all the right moves around the city. We’re super stoked to welcome him into the fold and can’t wait to see what he brings to the table as we move into the new year.

Keep you eyes peeled for hot and funky premieres, fresh features and his welcomed touch to The LoveBath series of mixes. We felt it was only fitting to bring DuBeats in for an exclusive LoveBath mix and interview as the man is an ace DJ and accomplished producer…dip in below!




Interview With DuBeats

Give us some background on your musical journey…where you were past and present and where the moniker “DuBeats” comes from.
So I come from a deep, diverse musical background having spent many of my younger years playing various instruments… drums, bass, even a tad of sax!  DuBeats was actually started as a duo project with one of my closest friends Chandler York. In our duo days, we worked a wide-range of house music, and even went down djing the open-format hole, which really started getting me ingrained in r&b.  Since taking the project solo, my sound has honed in to what you hear today: soulful & funky deep house!

I also want to shout out my team and record label here, Staybad.  I linked up with these guys out in Boston back 2013, and it was a dream-team from the get-go.  Most of the initial Staybad crew relocated from Boston to San Diego in 2015, and I joined them here in 2017.  In addition to being a dope, diverse record label, Staybad also hosts our party, House2Ourselves out here in SD where we’ve brought some serious talent to the city: Soul Clap, Kevin Saunderson, DJ T… just to name a few. Really excited for what’s upcoming from myself and the rest of the team with H2O and all our other endeavors.

In addition to DJing, you’re also a producer and have been steadily releasing tracks and EPs on a variety of labels. What are some of the highlights of your production history and what’s in store for future releases?
Yes, I’ve actually been producing far longer than djing.  I picked up producing house music back in 2007 (first uploads were all to newgrounds!) and have steadily been hustling in the DAW over the last 12 years.   Want to give a shout-out here to Oh So Coy Recordings for being one of the first real deep labels to take a shot with us.  My release ‘Tender Love’ on OSC is still a personal favorite release, and Michael Oberling nailed a remix on that one that helped put me on the map in many ways.  Have got loads more releases dropping soon over the next few months, a few I’m most excited for would be my forthcoming release on Moiss, my upcoming collaboration tracks with SD OG’s Cris Herrera, and Jesusdapnk, and I’ve also got a remix coming as a physical release pressed on Oh So Coy over the coming months in early 2020.  This will be the first time my music will get on vinyl, and I’m really excited about it.

You recently joined the team at Music is 4 Lovers and The LoveBath. What would you like to share with our readers about this love and what can they expect having you on board?
Yes, and super excited to be on the team by the way!  My plan is definitely to bring more underground deep house flavor to the blog, and as far as The LoveBath just some more of the same – slomo disco, funkin’ flavor!

Anything else you care to share with us? Upcoming gigs or exciting news? This is your chance to plug, plug, plug!
Definitely a lot of amazing gigs coming up.  Staybad will be hosting the Rada Room at Lovelife’s upcoming Black Magik Halloween party.  Then the next day the Staybad crew will be hitting the road out to Vegas to play We Are All One festival hosted by our Soul State fam.

Aside from this, everything forthcoming on our Staybad label is extremely exciting to me.  Our second VA is set to hit the stores next month and we’ve got a fully loaded calendar leading into 2020 as well.

 #1 current dancefloor weapon in your sets?
I’ve got a few situational gems right now, but if I have to narrow it in onto one it would be “You Said” by Los Charly’s Orchestra.  Such a feel good tune, and definitely was the song of the summer for me this year in 2019!





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Davey Schacherl
Contributing Editor