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Kevin Anderson is off to a great start in 2019. Having recently been featured on his longtime label Desert Hearts Family and Friends Vol. 3 Compilation with “Procrastinator” as well as being on longtime friends and collaborators Rybo and Lubelski’s Percomaniacs compilation Addicted to Drums with “Here We Go.” Kevin Anderson is back again on Percomaniacs, this time with his second release on the label, the follow up to the three pronged trident that was his Wet & Reckless EP.

Anderson follows up the release with the monster EP Airplane Mode with lead single Airplane Mode that features a hook about someone putting there phone on Airplane mode while everyone is trying to get them to go out saying “Now I’m ghosting you from my house.” The B-side Outta Sync features echoed lyrics, and comes to a grinding halt before picking up again, while repeating, “Wish I could think, I keep falling out of sync.”

In Percomaniacs fashion, these songs are crawling with drum segements and percussion and with support from everyone from Steve Lawler to Claude VonStroke, they will keep the party going all over the world.

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1) Airplane Mode
2) Outta Sync




Artist: Kevin Anderson
Title: Airplane Mode
Label: Percomaniacs
Release Date: 2019-03-08


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