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Interview with Kevin Anderson

How do you kill time on your flights? What’s your worst experience while traveling?
Haha honestly I usually just sleep. I don’t get very much time in the cities I play at, so when I get on the next flight to the next show, I usually pass out as soon as I sit down on the plane ha.

I would say worst experience would be when united airlines lost my luggage and I landed in Salt Lake City w a basketball jersey on and there was snow everywhere haha.

You’ve had some great releases this year already on Desert Hearts and Percomaniacs. How did it feel to have Airplane Mode Live Streamed on Mixmag?
Yeah I’m super stoked on my releases so far for 2019; I have some more stuff lined up as well for the rest of this year of course too. But it felt good; I always get excited when my friends play my music haha. Heard a rumor that Airplane mode is going to get featured on Claude’s Birdhouse so stay tuned for that.

House music has gained a lot of popularity in 2019 and there’s a lot of music coming out every week. Name your top 5 tracks of 2019 so far…
Shaded – Gucci Baggy
Kevin Anderson – Procrastinator
Rybo, Wyatt Marshall- Constellation 303
Darling (Rich NXT remix)
Lubelski- Take a trip

What clubs or festivals are on your bucket list to play?
Bucket list for festivals would be Electric Forest, Literally anything in Europe (just get me out there please lol) and Space Miami of course!

Honestly, anywhere w a good sound system, good vibe of people on the dancefloor, that’s on my bucket list. I’ve noticed in a lot of the smaller cities I’ve played in, such as Fresno for example, the vibe is just as good, sound is just as good, the people really want to be there due to the fact that there isn’t much happening there and it creates an awesome experience for everyone.

What artists would like to DJ alongside?
I don’t know, I just like to play music with friends. That’s the best!


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