Kermesse, amazing to have the chance to speak to you today. Can you tell us a bit about how this project began?

Kermesse was born in 2015, imagined by 3 old friends eager to make fresh party music. 

The 3 of us made music for a long time with individual projects until we decided to come together in a common place.  

Around 2017 we opted for a duo formation that continues today with Gonzalo & Pedro as members. 

You are set to release your Space & Time EP on LNDKHN, what pulled you towards this label?

We have been following LNKHN label from the beginning. One day Ignacio wrote us a friendly message and we started talking and we became good friends.

Our first EP with the label was “Dub Kantine” that included a remix by Mira & Chris and then our second EP “Carabelas” has nothing less than Acid Pauli as a remixer. We can’t complain, can we?  Space & Time will be our third release and we have 2 originals songs + 3 remixers on this one! 

The second single “hologram” was a collaboration between us and Arkadyan. 

Arkadyan are a french band who play some ethnic and acoustic instruments and collaborate with many artists from the scene. They are great musicians. 

The EP comes packed with remixes alongside your original work, do you have a favourite from the remixes? 

Hard to say We love remixes and remixers. Frivolous has always been an inspiration to us, for maybe 15 years! Alejandro Mosso is also a very close friend and talented producer, we met almost 20 years ago, and Nacho, owner of the label, completes the package with a bomb. We are super happy with the release. 

I wanted to jump into the studio briefly, how is your current set up looking?

We have a humble setup, a bunch of Korg synths: minilogue, ms2000, microkorgs, Korg R3, Moog Minitaur, Arturia Microbrute, Waldorf  Rocket, Roland TR8-S, a microphone with TC-Helicon & Voice live and the electric guitar.

Was there one piece of equipment that is most dominant throughout this EP?

The song Space & Time, wich is more “electronic”, is plenty of DIVA´s vst and minilogue, but the distinctive elements on this one are Pedro´s vocals. 

As we said, the second we have sent Arkadyan a very basic idea, they recorded the instruments on top and then we polished the whole thing.

Instruments recorded are Congas, the African N´goni, a kind of Trumpet called “Bugle”, and a Flute. They are amazing musicians and it was a very fluid collaboration. 

Have you had a chance to play live much over the past year?

Not really, 2 tours were cancelled, one in US and one in Europe. We had the chance to play some gigs in Tulum in December and it was awesome. 

When the world eventually begins to see a bit more normality, where would you most like to play?


What will be the first song you play when you get behind the decks?

We would play the new tracks for sure! It is always exciting to test our new productions live and with the audience.

Pick up a copy of Space & Time here