With minimal need for introduction, the amazingly talented musician and producer, Claire Spooner, has graced our ears with yet another solid release, featuring the stunning vocals of Kieran Fowkes.

Widely known as half of the duo of Him_Self_Her, and more recently, for her impressive solo career under the alias Just Her, as well as heading her own UK-based label, Constant CirclesLet Myself Go contains two lovely, downtempo tracks, and thoroughly embodies the imprint’s deep and melodic sounds.   From endlessly climbing the Beatport charts with previous collaborations, in addition to working on fresh new material over the past year, Claire and Kieran prove to be a magical combination of both passion and harmony, that keeps us yearning for more.

Similar to that of a euphoric dreamscape, the title track, “Let Myself Go”, immerses you into an entrancingly melancholic realm, with its hauntingly beautiful melodies, emotive synths, crisp percussion and lingering chords, fused with Fowkes’ seductively heavy-hearted vocals.  Spellbinding in nature, “In the Dark” lends itself to more of the electronic sphere, boasting an intoxicating, deep bassline and striking guitar riffs, while somber, ethereal vocals are flawlessly layered throughout.

With no beginning and no end, Let Myself Go seamlessly unfolds into a blissful musical journey of raw emotion, perfectly capturing the label’s distinct sound. Unceasing. Limitless. A constant circle.


Artist: Just Her Ft. Kieran Fowkes 
Release Date: 2016-04-01
Label: Constant Circles
Catalog No.: CC007

Just Her Ft. Kieran Fowkes – Let Myself Go

Crystal Helman
Contributing Editor