[New Release]  Known for hustling beats and slanging D, Mr. Nice Guy front man Jesse Perez delivers with his newest release which really tells you what he’s all about.  While the rest of you think of the glam and posh of South Beach, Jesse’s sound takes you on a trip to the other side of the causeway and brings you right into the thick of real Miami.  Hialeah, Little Havana, Brownsville, all the places most people tend to avoid, Jesse embraces them and produces  this perfect anthem for his home town. 

Miami’s My Town is the quintessential Jesse and Mr. Nice Guy’s release — a classic of their sound. Jesse likes his bass the same way he likes the weather and his asses, warm and bouncy. With a heavy jacking rhythm and nasty vocals, there is no doubt that Jesse is making himself the king of the Miami sound.  This is another fantastic release from Jesse and Mr. Nice Guy records and I see this track getting a lot of play, especially in the MIA.




Artist:  Jesse Perez
Title:  Miami’s My Town
Label:  Mr. Nice Guy
Catalog No.:  MNG16


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