DOMPE aka Dominic Wagner is a DJ & Producer with an absolute passion. A day without Music is a lost day for him. He describes himself as a restless person always searching for the next track and a perfect bassline. His Output is noticeably high. The Output of Releases have attracted for many attention, national and international. His groovy tracks are supported by acts like Laurent Garnier, Carl Cox, Claptone and Marco Carola.

With JACKFRUIT RECORDINGS he founded his own label in 2017, together with his wife and it is a matter of the heart: after more than three years they can proudly look back on 25 releases. It is DOMPE’s personal, musical playground – all releases are his creative output.

House music seems to be in your blood. What makes a gripping “house groove” for you to release into the world? 
Thank you , that makes me happy to hear. As a former drummer, the groove and drum framework is essential for me, of course. It’s all about dance music and there the groove is the most important thing from my point of view. A thick bassline with a crisp beat and a catchy element is usually enough.
House music always has a message because of its history. How important are freedom and equality for you besides dancefloor and DJ booth? 
I have been going to clubs since I was 16. I grew up with the fact that everybody is welcome as long as he follows the few rules. Come as you are ! The house scene stands for important values like equality and tolerance. On the dancefloor we are all equal! No space for homophobia and racism ! And this applies to all areas of life , in front of and off the dancefloor.

Are there some secret weapons in your studio that you would share with us?
Actually no. I sit down in front of a blank sheet and see what comes out. How I come to the result is open for now. So there are few things that are represented in almost every track. But I can say that I like the Korg MS 20 filters very much.
When will we see you here on the other side of the pond in Chicago, Miami or even in San Diego?
Nothing better than that 😉 We are working on it!
What are your plans for 2022? What are your ideas?
The focus is definitely on my label Jackfruit Recordings. We celebrated our 5th anniversary this year and in the last few months we have increased our sales, streams and attention which makes us very happy and proud. We are also looking forward to our next double vinyl which will be released in autumn.