Fresh off the back of a hugely successful MMW we caught up with emerging artist COSTAX to jump into his musical heritage, Italian roots, Dioscuri & more.


MI4L – Can you tell us about your journey into music? What initially sparked your interest in becoming a DJ and producer?

COSTAX – I have always loved music since I was a child. I grew up listening to Nirvana and Red Hot Chili Peppers since I was very little, they are still my Bible today . With time I discovered many more artists and expanded my musical knowledge and finally approached dance and electronic music when I was a teenager.

My first time in Ibiza was when I was 13 years old. I was straight away super passionate about electronic music and djs. I remember going to every single record shop in Ibiza town, spending ages listening to all the Ibiza compilations and looking at the dj posters all around the island, dreaming to be one, one day.

MI4L – What influences and experiences have shaped your unique musical style?

COSTAX – My early Ibiza experiences (first time in Amnesia was at 15 years old) have given me the chance to absorb a wide variety of artists and genres. This allowed me to listen live to many old school djs, too many to list! Not many young djs have had that chance in my generation. This, together with my passion for melodic rock have influenced me throughout the years and have helped develop and shape my style that is today.

It’s been a musical journey. I am very open minded to different genres as a listener. It took me a little while to fully understand who I am as an artist, dj and producer. As you grow up and mature and build life experiences, you understand yourself more and what you want to say through your art becomes clearer. I am also a big cinema lover and that has had a big influence on my music style.

MI4L – Could you share some insights into your record label, Dioscuri? What motivated you to start it, and what do you hope to achieve with it?

COSTAX – I want Dioscuri Records to become a top label with high quality releases only, quality over quantity for sure. My vision is to make Dioscuri also into a moving event one day where we can build a community. In the future, I would like to release other artists, there are already some plans in place… watch this space!

MI4L – Your show in Miami generated a lot of excitement. What were your highlights from your time there?

COSTAX – Miami has been great, what an incredible experience. I’ve met loads of new exciting people including great artists and of course, lots of old friends in the industry.

I finally met EDX at the Sirup Party. I’ve recently released my Giove EP on his label Sirup which went very well. EDX played my first track Giove in his best of 2023 mix and Vintage Culture played and supported my other track Apollo. It’s been great.

During Miami Music Week I played at four different parties and showcases, in South Beach and Winwood. Unfortunately, some of the parties were cancelled by the massive storm that also disrupted Ultra on the Friday. The weather didn’t stop us though, the party spirit is too strong. The best part of the trip was when I was invited by Timo Maas to go to Brazil for his super gig at the legendary club Warung in Santa Catarina. This was a historic moment as Timo was the first ever DJ to play at the club back in 2002. A massive come back for him. I just couldn’t say no and flew out a few days after returning from Miami.

This time it was Timo Maas b2b with Vintage Culture in the main room. Paul Kalkbrenner played in the other room. I finally met Timo in person after being in touch for a while and he played my upcoming track Numero Uno. Insane surprise and the crowd went crazy! It’s been incredible. I also finally met Lukas (Vintage Culture) who is an amazing guy. He’s huge, a very well known talent. He’s my favourite dj of my generation, I was very happy when he played my track Apollo.

MI4L – How do you believe your Italian heritage has influenced your music, both in terms of style and creative process?

COSTAX – Massively. I grew up in the centre of Rome, surrounded by history and art. I am massively passionate about ancient Greek and Roman history, culture and art. I love their Mythology. My heritage has had a huge influence on my label name and branding. Dioscuri is named after a Greek myth the Dioscuri twins, sons of Zeus, hence the logo visual.

MI4L – You’re now based in London which is renowned for its diverse music scenes. In your opinion, how does the music scene in London differ from other major cities around the world?

COSTAX – The British rave culture is massive, truly unique. Before moving to London I thought I had been to a real underground party, how I was wrong. After moving here I then understood that I didn’t even know what underground meant. It’s like world heritage, it has to be protected.

MI4L – Can you share some memorable moments or challenges you’ve encountered while navigating the music industry, both as a DJ and a producer?

COSTAX – The most memorable moment was definitely two days ago at Warung in Brazil. The music culture and clubbing scene is insane there. There is an energy like no other. Even if I didn’t play, looking at the crowd reacting to my track has been a truly incredible moment for me. And after that amazing b2b between Lukas and Timo, it meant even more.

MI4L – What advice would you give to aspiring DJs and producers who are looking to establish themselves in the industry?

COSTAX – To go travel as much as possible, meet new people, new artists, look for collaborations etc. Opportunities don’t come to your door, you have to put yourself out there and find them. And of course, work hard every single day of your life to do something to get you one step closer to what you want to achieve.

MI4L – Looking ahead, what are your goals and aspirations for your music career, both in the near future and long-term?

COSTAX – Playing at Ultra and touring the world with my label. Dioscuri World Tour.
But now, let’s focus on Ibiza because I’m playing at the IMS.

MI4L – What more can we expect from Dioscuri as we head into summer?

COSTAX – Loads of new music including the upcoming single ‘Numero Uno’.

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